Brow Threading: How To Get Great Results

Do you want to get brow threading, which is a technique in which sections of the eyebrows are removed in small sections to give the brows a better and more lustrous appearance? When you get brow threading done, you give yourself a more detailed and thorough job that is easy to accomplish and gives you prettier brows for longer periods of time between treatments.

Whether brow threading will last with great results or will need repeated treatments is dependent upon how you take care of your results. There are many ways you can help make your brow threading experience even better; here are ways to secure great results.

Have realistic expectations

Brow threading is a technique of brow hair removal in which a string of certain materials is twisted and then used to gather whole sections of brow hair for a clean removal. Unlike waxing or plucking, the results are swift and relatively painless and can leave the brows smoother and more feminine or tamed as a result. Your expectations for this treatment should be realistic and allow you to feel great about the new shape of your brows.

In other words, you should have realistic expectations for this treatment, going into it with the knowledge that brow threading is designed to thin and shape the brows, not make them thicker and more robust. Brow threading is best used on people who have very thick or large brows and want to manage them in more ways.

Go in for repeat sessions

When you get brow threading done, the results are beautiful and clean, but they are not permanent. The hair follicles that allow the eyebrows to grow in will continue to live and will allow your brows to grow back. If you stick to your regular sessions for brow threading at an experienced salon, you will be able to keep your results going strong. If you have to miss a session, reschedule as soon as possible.

Don't touch your brows

Do not attempt to pluck or wax your brows in between sessions of brow threading. This can cause your brow specialist to have limited ability to shape your brows at your next appointment, then you'll have to wait until a new appointment to have your brows taken care of. If you do need to have your brows treated in between sessions, talk to your brow specialist; they may be able to squeeze you in for a smaller session in between appointments.