Getting Volume Lashes For The First Time

If you're getting eyelash extensions, volume lashes really are the premium choice. They call so much more attention to your eyes than the average lash extensions. They're bold and dramatic, which means you can go without mascara and eyeliner and still rock an "all eyes on you" look. Here are some tips that will come in handy the first time you get those volume lashes.

Leave lots of time for your appointment

Having volume lashes applied can take significantly longer than having regular eyelash extensions applied. There are simply more lashes for the cosmetologist to apply. So, make sure you schedule your appointment for a time when you won't be in a rush. In most cases, you should be out of there in an hour, but if you can leave two hours open after your appointment begins, that will give you some peace of mind. You won't have to feel anxious the whole time, wondering whether you'll be late for your next appointment.

Don't wear eye makeup for a few days beforehand

Since applying volume lashes takes a while, you'll be sitting in the cosmetologist's chair for a longer time. Your eyes will be closed for a lot of that time, and your cosmetologist will be touching around them. If there are any traces of makeup left, then that makeup may end up being moved around, perhaps into the corners of your eyes, where it may become irritating. The best way to avoid this is to not wear eye makeup for two or three days before your lash appointment. Continue to wash your face well to remove all traces of makeup during this period.

Purchase a silk pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases are notorious for "grabbing onto" lash extensions and pulling them off, a few at a time. Volume lashes are finer and thinner than standard eyelash extensions, which means this is more likely to happen. So, you want to invest in a silk pillowcase before you have your volume lashes applied. The silk will slide easily over the eyelash extensions rather than grabbing them, which means your extensions will last longer and stay looking good for a bit longer.

Volume lashes are pretty much the ultimate when it comes to eyelash extension. You simply have to make sure you prepare by avoiding eye makeup, buying a silk pillowcase, and allowing plenty of time to have the eyelashes applied at the salon. Contact a local salon to learn more about volume lashes.