Options For A More Natural Custom Wig

The flexibility that comes with a custom wig means you can fine-tune all aspects of the wig to make sure it looks natural. There are certain customization options that will have more of an effect on making the wig look natural.

Human Hair

Human hair wigs are naturally more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but the hair will look less like a wig. Now, many synthetic wigs are made of premium materials and supposedly can withstand some heat so they can be curled, however, they will never behave like human hair. The main benefit of human hair is its texture. You can purchase hair in any number of textures, such as straight or tightly coiled. Human hair can be manipulated using different heat tools and hair colors. The hair can be blow-dried, flat ironed, and curled without any concern of it melting. Just like your own hair, you will want to minimize the amount of heat to reduce damage to the hair. Human hair can be bleached and colored, as well.

Density And Texture

The density and texture of your wig can also affect how natural it looks. When you customize your wig, you will have the option for 100% or higher density. High density will prevent any issues with not having enough hair to cover the underlying lace or cap, however, when hair is too dense, it can often appear fake. Hair texture also affects how dense the hair needs to be to create a realistic look. If you choose straighter hair textures, you may need to customize your wig with higher hair density. Textured hair is naturally fuller and appears more dense, even if there are fewer strands of hair. Opting for textured hair can be an advantage if you are trying to balance the cost of various options.

Lace Attachment

There are several types of attachments for wigs, but a partial or full lace attachment will create the most natural look. Most wigs use partial lace. There may be lace in the front, from ear to ear, and sometimes lace at the nape of the neck. Between these areas, there may be combs or clips to help keep the wig secure. Lace is an important feature of a wig because it helps you achieve a natural hairline. The fine hairs around the perimeter of the wig help blend it into your natural hairline. You can part your hair where there is lace and it looks like your scalp. Lace color will be an important feature of your wig. You will need to choose lace that either matches your skin tone or that is transparent.

Carefully selecting the options for your next wig will help the wig look more like your natural hair. One of the most important features is using human hair, which can be manipulated in many ways. 

For more information about custom-made lace wigs, contact a local company.