Options For A More Natural Custom Wig

The flexibility that comes with a custom wig means you can fine-tune all aspects of the wig to make sure it looks natural. There are certain customization options that will have more of an effect on making the wig look natural. Human Hair Human hair wigs are naturally more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, but the hair will look less like a wig. Now, many synthetic wigs are made of premium materials and supposedly can withstand some heat so they can be curled, however, they will never behave like human hair. [Read More]

Waterless Hand Wash: Why Offer It To Your Beauty Customers?

Whether you want to include a gift with a purchase to your beauty customers, or you want to have a small product on display that they can easily purchase as a practical impulse buy to boost profits, finding the right product is key. You can consider waterless hand washes for this purpose, which is a practical and affordable addition to your beauty supply store while being safe and easy to promote as well. [Read More]