Waterless Hand Wash: Why Offer It To Your Beauty Customers?

Whether you want to include a gift with a purchase to your beauty customers, or you want to have a small product on display that they can easily purchase as a practical impulse buy to boost profits, finding the right product is key. You can consider waterless hand washes for this purpose, which is a practical and affordable addition to your beauty supply store while being safe and easy to promote as well.

Why should you choose a waterless hand wash in particular for your beauty store? How does this benefit you and your customers? How does a waterless hand wash fit with your industry? Find out how here; save money by buying waterless hand wash in bulk to pass to your customers in various ways.

It's an easy promotional tool

Most people know what waterless hand wash is and how to use it. Its primary purpose is to cleanse the hands when soap and water are either not available or not convenient, and anyone can benefit from having a waterless hand wash in their car, purse, or pocket. This makes having waterless hand wash products on sale in your aisles at your beauty store or as free use products in your aisles when customers are trying on beauty products an easy thing to do.

It's a versatile product

You can sell a variety of waterless hand wash products to your customers, each one having just a strong germ-killing ability as the last. Consider a variety to offer to customers as add-on sales or as a gift with purchase: aloe waterless hand wash or a moisturizing hand wash are just a few of the options. You can get these items scented and colored or have them in original styles only to best appeal to your customers.

Remember: your beauty customers are touching their faces all the time as part of their regular beauty care. Your job as a beauty supplier is to keep your customers safe and giving them great hygiene tools is just one way to do this.

It's a useful product

It's not difficult to sell a cost-effective and useful product, and you can make a decent profit with a barely noticeable markup when you buy your waterless hand wash products in bulk in the first place. Your customers won't need to be convinced the product works—hand sanitizing agents are nothing new and they're known for their useful abilities—so keeping this product on-hand, even just at your checkout counters, can be quite beneficial to everyone.

To explore waterless hand wash products for your store, contact a supplier such as ionSURE for more information.